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HOMER Energy is now training on HOMER Pro, our latest version with many new features and functions.  HOMER training is the fastest way to get started using HOMER or to take your HOMER ability to the next level. HOMER was developed over decades - truly exploring its features often requires assistance.

We recommend the introductory online course for anyone who wants to better understand HOMER's capabilities, including managers who are overseeing their own staff using HOMER.

Training options include:

Course Venue Days Cost
Introductory Online via GoToTraining, live instructor 3 hours $399 $199
Private Your Facility or Ours 1, 2, or more $3000 and up (per training)
Cooperative Your Facility 1 or 2 Variable

Introductory Online Course

The Online Introduction to HOMER course introduces the fundamentals of the HOMER optimization model. This course begins with a 2-hr session, followed 2 days later by a 1-hour session (3 hours total). It is designed for the beginning HOMER user. Participants are taken through a worked example using HOMER - from specifying your load, getting resource data, creating an initial system configuration, and interpreting and honing your results. There is a one-day break between sessions that allows participants to try the material on their own and then get instructor feedback during the final session. You will come out of the course with the fundamentals that you need to run HOMER for a simple system.

Participants who attend both sessions of this course will receive a Certificate of Completion and will be eligible to participate in our certification program, coming in 2015.

You may register now via our online course catalog for available training sessions:


Customized Private Trainings

Private HOMER training is available either at our facilities in Boulder, Colorado, USA or at your own facility. The basic training, which covers 2 days, is described below. We can also customize these basic workshops with additional content tailored to specific client needs. Email HOMER Energy for pricing for customized content.

Level 1 training workshop (1-day training): Participants get a basic introduction to renewable power systems and hybrid design concepts. They work through a series of instructor-led HOMER exercises.

Level 2 training workshop (2-day training): This builds on the Level 1 training by including more advanced concepts and individual or small group exercises that are supervised by the instructor. This is a two-day training if in person or a series of six on-line workshops of 2 hours each.

Additional days: Training workshops can be up to 4 days long, and if translation is required during the training, at least one extra day should be added. Additional days can be used to let Trainees delve into their own material have a chance to interact with HOMER instructors and engineers in real time once basics have been mastered.

All students must bring their own computer and have their own copy of the HOMER software.

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Cooperative Trainings

Cooperative trainings are offered primarily for academic institutions or other institutions who wish to defray costs through hosting a standing 1- or 2-day training at their facility, but opening that training up to others who participate at the regular Training Institute price. For details, please email us today about arranging a cooperative training:

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