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HOMER News -- January 2011  

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Dear HOMER User: Thank you for being part of the HOMER user base — 52,000-strong! I hope you find it as exciting as I do to be part of a large, global group of energy innovators.

At the start of this new year, I'd like to touch on some of HOMER Energy's 2010 developments that benefit you directly, and also give you a heads up to what is coming in 2011.

Last year, we released the first commercial version of HOMER. Although it was a small step for HOMER as a model, adding more components to let you model a broader array of systems, it was a big step for HOMER Energy as a company.

The new commercial HOMER set us up for the launch of two new HOMER products in 2011 — a full-featured version with a new, more intuitive interface and a second designed for users who need a simple way to get started in the world of hybrid renewable micro-grids.

We are also developing new forms of training for you — both in-person and online, so you can choose the format you favor. The first training forum we created is the new HOMER Knowledgebase, which gives you access to hundreds of real questions. To house the training, we have created a new support site at We will keep growing it, too, as we are committed to continually improving our service.

I hope to connect with many of you personally in 2011, either at conferences or online. Together, we are bringing clean power to every corner of the world.

Peter Lilienthal, CEO

U.S. Military Maximizing Renewable Power
The Department of Defense Energy Blog is interesting reading for anyone interested in renewable energy and hybrid power.

The U.S. Military has a mandate to make better use of alternative and renewable energy resources, and a captain in the Marine Corps said that HOMER is an important part of that equation.

HOMER and the conclusions of Captain Brandon Newell, now of the Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy Office, were recently lauded in the Dec. 22nd post on the DOD Energy Blog entitled, "HOMER for the Holidays: Tools for Energy Security". Capt. Newell's work illustrated how well HOMER estimated production of hybrid power systems, and that it was an extremely useful tool for military power systems.

U.S. military forces abroad rely largely on diesel generators, which is both dangerous and inefficient. Some sources claim that a single gallon of gas can cost as much as US$400 by the time it is delivered to a remote base in Afghanistan. Getting it there can take weeks on mountain roads, during which time the fuel trucks and soldiers are easy targets. According to an article in the New York Times, an army study showed that one soldier or civilian engaged in fuel transport was killed for every 24 fuel convoys.

"Rather than pulling the standard LOGCAP contract off the shelf for a [remote base] transition to a more enduring status, facilities engineers now have a tool that allows them see what non-fossil fuel options are open to them."  In other words, facilities engineers who are faced with creating longer-term bases don't have to be at the whim of civilian contractors (LOGCAPs) for power - they can use HOMER to identify the best options, including those that have a mix of sources and renewables.

Like jet engines and microprocessors, hybrid power systems could be the next great spin-off from military research.

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We invite you to share your experience with hybrid renewable power systems at this discussion on the HOMER Users Group site. HOMER Energy will feature one of the submissions on our website and in an upcoming newsletter. The author of that example will receive a complementary HOMER 2.81 license for one year.

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