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Why microgrids? If you're new to the idea of an independent power system that can stand on its own, without being attached to the larger power grid, either some or all of the time, start with our "Why microgrids?" page and get the basics.
HOMER Blog Once you've mastered the basics of microgrids, head over to the HOMER Blog to read commentary and educational pieces on microgrids, the microgrid market, and distributed generation.
HOMER Bibliography Our intention is to maintain a full and complete bibliography of papers, theses, and reports that use HOMER in the HOMER Bibliography.
White Papers Free downloadable white papers on HOMER, distributed generation, microgrids, and technology relevant to microgrids and the HOMER community.
Presentations Free downloadable presentations that feature HOMER.
Testimonials Wondering what people think? People love HOMER. Head over to the HOMER Testimonials page and see for yourself!