icon HOMER Pro Prices: Standard-user Licenses

HOMER Pro licenses consist of the base product along with add-on modules that provide additional functionality. Two preconfigured packages bundle together the most common module configurations, and you also have the option of adding additional modules to your package. The pricing below is for single users.

  One-Year Pass One-Month Pass Permanent
HOMER Pro Base
What's inside?
$63 $1,500
Advanced Package
What's inside?
$125 $3,000
Expert Package
What's inside?
$185 $4,500
*One year packages must be paid in advance. They can be upgraded to add modules at any time.

Add-on Modules

Add to Base or Advanced Package
Advanced Load $100 n/a $300
Advanced Grid $150 n/a $450
Advanced Storage $250 n/a $750
Multi-year Inputs $250 n/a $750
Combined Heat and Power $150 n/a $450
Biomass Generation $60 n/a $180
Run of River Hydro $90 n/a $270
Hydrogen $200 n/a $600
MATLAB Link $100 n/a $300
Use our pricing calculator for up to 9 licenses, or connect with an Enterprise Licensing Specialist to get a custom quote.