Perform techno-economic analysis on utility-scale hybrid systems

Understand the value of energy storage and maximize your revenue

Model and evaluate multiple revenue streams and dispatch strategies

For project development, bid evaluation and due diligence

Built on UL Solution's trusted HOMER hybrid power optimization platform, HOMER® Front models the technical and economic performance and dispatch of utility-scale energy storage systems – either independently or along with solar and wind.

You get critical, actionable insights into optimum strategies that maximize the revenue of merchant energy markets, capacity contracts or power purchase agreements.

Size your system

Determine the optimal size of energy storage in utility-scale systems — whether standalone or combined with other energy sources such as wind and solar.

Manage battery augmentation

Model battery capacity degradation and multiple augmentation or replacement strategies to minimize ongoing expenses and maximize revenue.

Compare revenue streams

Analyze power purchase agreements, wholesale energy markets, capacity markets and ancillary services. Stack multiple value streams and calculate revenue possibilities.

Perform robust sensitivity analysis

De-risk your internal rate of return (IRR) by conducting sensitivity analysis on key performance parameters. Screen project sites and evaluate site and system economic viability.

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HOMER Front version history

Tap into powerful performance and a trusted third-party model that enables you to share results and data and collaborate with your team without risking intellectual property.

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UL Solutions HOMER software solutions optimize the value of your hybrid power systems and energy storage – whether your system is standalone, connected to the grid, behind-the-meter or utility scale.

UL Solutions enables you to leverage our long-standing expertise in renewable energy and trusted independent engineering. We offer full project support including market and regulatory assessment, project and site evaluation, technical design and analysis.

You gain unmatched advanced energy storage modeling along with our 25 years of experience modeling hybrid power systems.