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Get the expertise you need when you need it. HOMER Engineer Hours let you hire a HOMER specialist by the hour to help with your modeling needs – from working alongside your team until comfortable on their own to doing all analyses for you, through completed report. You pre-pay in blocks of time, so you can use the hours as needed.

From remote power systems to grid-connected campuses and facilities to EV charging stations, HOMER can optimize your hybrid power system. Let us do the heavy modeling lifting while you manage your customers.

Accurately modeling your grid-connected system requires incorporating the tariff into HOMER Grid, and then testing to ensure correct results. Our tariff experts can save you weeks of work.

HOMER products produce customized, client-facing reports that present key aspects of a proposed system, offer clear cost comparisons, and outline economic value streams. Let our experts set your template up for you, so you can save time and earn customer trust with insightful system overviews.

HOMER engineers can help you design an optimal hybrid energy system that reduces the increase in utility costs and demand charges from on-demand or fleet EV charging, or show you how to model one yourself.

Options for modeling storage systems in HOMER are the most advanced on the market. That degree of functionality comes with complexity, but our HOMER Engineers will help you sort through options quickly and efficiently, so your designs are as functional and accurate as possible.

It can take months or years to bring an engineer up to speed on your business. Learning to use HOMER optimally is an investment. Save time and increase speed to completion by using our engineering talent only when you need it. We are ready to help you today.

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HOMER Engineer Hours are perfect for on-demand or small project engagements. For projects involving more than about 60 hours of work, please contact us about a professional services agreement.

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