iconThe Power of HOMER: Diversified products to meet your planning needs

Desktop software

Powerful software with a 21-day free trial and a variety of license configurations.

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The global standard for optimizing microgrids and distributed energy resources, with thousands of technology choices and options, for everything from village power systems and island utilities to grid-connected campuses and military bases. Learn more.

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Optimize behind-the-meter distributed energy resources, minimize demand charges, model complex tariffs and time-of-use rates, and take advantage of self-consumption, energy arbitrage, and incentives. Learn more.

Not sure which one is right for you? Compare HOMER Pro and HOMER Grid.

Online tools

Simple, browser-based tools, perfect for beginners and basic systems.

HOMER QuickStart

Designed specifically for the energy access market, optimizes simple off-grid hybrid power systems. Free to use, and a great way to learn what HOMER does and how to use a model to make tradeoff decisions regarding hybrid renewable power systems. QuickStart is built on the HOMER SaaS API, and produces files that can be read by HOMER Pro. Learn more.


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