HOMER Quickstart   The Fast Path to Microgrid Optimization

HOMER QuickStart, introduced in 2017, is an easy to use microgrid and distributed generation optimization software. HOMER QuickStart was designed to help you:

  • Understand HOMER
  • Understand how hybrid power systems work to meet the electric load requirements for a location
  • Understand the tradeoffs in making different design decisions
  • Quickly compare system possibilities.

HOMER QuickStart is build on the same engine as the powerful desktop software product HOMER Pro, but HOMER QuickStart runs directly in your browser, so it can run on any operating system. HOMER QuickStart is not a replacement for HOMER Pro (see a comparison of the two products), but QuickStart files can be saved and imported into HOMER Pro for further analysis.

Quickstart screen shot

HOMER QuickStart uses a simple wizard to lead the user through the initial system configuration. The only absolute requirement is the project location and some idea about the usage pattern and amount of electricity required.

HOMER QuickStart is currently in beta, and we are interested in your feedback. We do plan to create an enhanced version that will be offered for a small monthly cost, but for the forseeable future you may use HOMER QuickStart as much as you like for no fee. The only requirement is that you create a user account with us.

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