Training Customized to Meet Your Needs

Your teams create products and services that give you a competitive advantage.
Equip them with the HOMER modeling and analytical skills needed to achieve your goals.

Equip Your Team with Skills

HOMER training consultants work with you to develop a plan to get your team using HOMER effectively from the start and into the future.

We provide private training and onboarding for your entire team, including engineers and team members who need to understand what HOMER is and how it fits into your business processes—even those who may not directly use the software.

Our customized, private training plan covers the topics and skills needed for best possible outcomes. The final 1-2 days of training are dedicated to working through your specific projects.

Team trainings can be at your facility or online for up to 15 trainees at a time. Or we can handle up to 8 trainees at our Boulder facility. There is no minimum group size for private team trainings. Smaller teams may choose to have their members sign up for our individual training courses.

Recommended: Minimum of three and up to 10 days for those working in diverse applications.
Pricing: Per day
Next Steps: Contact us to develop a plan and get a quote.

Example 5-day HOMER Pro Training


Day 1
Foundations of HOMER: Essential starting point for unlocking the power of HOMER.
Familiarizes participants with HOMER's user interface and the simulation-optimization-sensitivity analysis paradigm that enables users to begin using HOMER independently for small systems.


Day 2
Often focuses on islanded systems with multiple generators, approaches to microgrid control in HOMER, and advanced topics in solar and wind. The afternoon session might focus on advanced storage options in HOMER.


Day 3
Focus on designing for high renewable penetration, making grid extension decisions, and modeling with your specific equipment or control strategies.


Day 4
Explore topics such as thermal loads, less common components, custom components.


Day 5
Work through your specific projects to ensure your team understands what they need to be successful.

Week Two

Additional days can be used learning another HOMER version or doing more work with your projects.

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