Reduce demand charges. Save on energy costs.

Watch the video for a short demonstration of how HOMER Grid helps you lower your energy bills.

You’ll discover how simulating multiple solutions simultaneously enables you to determine the least-cost solution. You will save the most on your energy bill.

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Optimizing solar + storage reduces peak power charges

By storing energy and shifting battery dispatch to times when the electric load and prices are at their peak, you reduce how much energy you purchase from the utility when costs are their highest.

While the concept is simple, the system design is complex. Watch the video to see how HOMER Grid helps you accurately design and optimize a system to intelligently reduce demand charges.

HOMER Grid graph shows facility’s energy consumption and demand.

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Feasibility Study
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“HOMER has replaced about a dozen spreadsheets and countless tables. Thanks for the great program.”

--Josh Carrell, Dwellsol Design and Consulting, USA