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Advanced Grid Module


The Advanced Grid module is ideal for users who will model grid-connected systems with varying grid prices, detailed grid specification, or off‑grid systems where grid extension is a possibility. This module allows you to model grid-connected systems with real-time or scheduled pricing, grid extension analysis, and grid outages. This module adds real-time rates, scheduled rates, grid extension, and reliability menus to the grid. With the Advanced Grid module, you can build your own time-of-use rate schedule.


Scheduled Rates

Real-time Rates

With the Advanced Grid module's real-time rates mode, you can specify energy prices that change hourly or even minute-by-minute.

Peak Shaving

You can also model a power system that performs peak shaving to reduce demand charges from the grid. With monthly purchase capacity optimization, HOMER can effectively model a supplemental power system to shave demand peaks monthly through seasonal variations in the load.

Grid Extension Analysis

The Advanced Grid module can also perform a extension analysis, which compares the costs of grid extension with the costs of a standalone system. You can specify the capital cost and maintenance cost of grid extension in the grid extension menu.

Grid Reliability

Advanced Grid also includes the ability to model random grid outages.

Other Features

The Advanced Grid module also adds the following options: interconnection charge, standby charge, sale capacity, monthly and annual purchase capacity, and maximum net purchases. It also adds the option for net metering, and several advanced control parameters to adjust when the dispatch decides to buy or sell power and charge or discharge batteries based on the grid rate.

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