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HOMER Pro can be supplemented with additional modules for even more powerful modeling capabilities. The base license lets you simulate and optimize literally an infinite number of systems using solar PV, wind, batteries, diesel generators, and even simple grid connections. You can then add capabilities to that license, which:

  • Lets you pay only for what you need, and
  • Hides features that you do not require for your application.

Click on a module to learn more about its features:


Allows users to model biomass gasification and biogas-fueled or cofired generators. It adds the biomass resource, the biogas fuel, and the biogas-fueled or biogas cofired generator.
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Adds the hydro resource and the hydro component. Users can specify the stream flow in the Hydro resource, either as monthly values or as an imported time series. Ideal for systems that include conventional, small, or micro hydroelectricity generation.
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Combined Heat and Power

For users who model building heating systems. Types of systems could include boilers, cogeneration, heat recovery, and any system that demands or supplies heat energy.
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Advanced Load

Users who create models with both AC and DC loads, or who want to model deferrable loads such as pumping or HVAC, should use the Advanced Load module.
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Advanced Grid

For users who will model grid-connected systems with varying grid prices, detailed grid specification, or off-grid systems where grid extension is a possibility.
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Allows users to model systems that generate, store, and consume hydrogen. It is ideal for users who model fuel cells, remote off-grid operations, large industrial processes, or any system with hydrogen production, storage, or consumption.
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Advanced Storage

Unlocks the Modified Kinetic Battery Model (MKBM) in HOMER. The MKBM includes rate-dependent losses, changes in capacity with temperature, variable depth-of-discharge for cycle life, and increased degradation rate at higher temperatures.
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Allows users to model changes that can occur over the course of a project, such as PV degradation, grid price escalation, load growth, and fuel price escalation.
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Allows users to write their own dispatch algorithm in MATLAB, which will integrate with the HOMER Pro software.
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