Here is what some of our global community of HOMER users have to say about HOMER:

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It's a unique tool that provides a depth of analysis simply impossible by any other means at my disposal.

Chris Greacen
Palang Thai, Thailand
January 10, 2008

HOMER is powerful and easy to use. I used it in conjunction with ViPOR for simulation of rural electrification systems using hybrid wind-solar in two villages in the state of Bahia in Brazil. This study found such systems to be more profitable than individual photovoltaic systems currently used by local concessionaire. Congratulations to the creators of HOMER!

Pedro Nery Leoni
Companhia de Eletricidade do Estado da Bahia, Brazil
November 23, 2007

It allows simple apples to apples comparisons of drastically different system designs. It convinced me of the utility of wind power in my situation. It taught me the importance of a properly sized battery bank. It has provided me with the data to convince most of the stakeholders of the importance of switching from a gasoline generator to a generator/battery/renewable system.

Erik Schoenfeld
Massachusetts, USA
January 8, 2007

Interface is great. Saves countless time trying to accomplish the same thing in Excel.

Jeff LeBrun
University of Michigan, USA
October 25, 2007

We have been using HOMER to assess the integration of renewable energy into remote power systems in aboriginal communities in Western Australia. We have found it to be a most excellent tool, and are constantly surprised at the quality of the analysis and reporting outputs.

David Edwards
Horizon Power, Australia
July 16, 2007

An excellent tool for financial and system modelling that combined with other software we use provides good comparisons.

Bruce Clay
Clay Engineering Ltd, Fiji
June 26, 2007

I always find the technical support for HOMER to be speedy and helpful. It's one of the aspects of this tool that I find invaluable...

Cheryl Loone
Powercorp, Darwin, Australia
June 12, 2007

[HOMER is] very flexible. I like specifying a range of components and letting HOMER do the work of finding optimal solutions.

Bradley Oxford
Appalachian State University, USA
April 28, 2007

HOMER is a beautiful thing... it doesn't crash, it does most everything you could want it to, and it actually presents results in an intuitive/understandable manner.

Jonathan Murphy
Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory, Georgia Tech, USA
April 17, 2007

Congratulation for your HOMER program, it is really a very good tool to disseminate renewable energies.

Corinne Dubois
equitao, France
March 23, 2007

Your programme HOMER is very helpful to make economical calculations. We are very impressed, program is very small but powerful and usage is very simple.

Andrius Belanoska
Kaunas University for Technology, Lithuania
March 21, 2007

Congratulations for HOMER. Very useful and simple to use in the context of Rural Africa.

Smail Khennas
PREDAS-CILSS, Burkina Faso
March 1, 2007

It is fast, easy to use, provides valuable analysis data for my clients to make informed decisions with regard to fuel use, renewable energy options and cost/benefit.

David Feider
February 28, 2007

I continue being awed by HOMER. I find it to be a unique and extremely useful resource, often giving insight that had not existed previously. In particular, the inclusion of statistical fluctuations in the simulations and the automatic optimization have saved us enormous amounts of time — if we had actually had the resources to do them by other means.

Jim Easton PE
Alternative Energy Technologies, USA
December 22, 2006

It is a very easy and powerful software for the designing of the micropower systems.

Francisco Santamaria
Cor Solar, Spain
November 2, 2006

It is a very quick and easy to learn program and a very powerful one when used correctly.

Luis Sanchez
Florida State University
October 31, 2006

I wanted to thank you for the years of effort that you've spent on building and perfecting HOMER. It has played a major part in my career from which I've gained some credibility. And I'm a firm believer of sharing from success stories so that future achievements can be shared by all... Thanks again for a job well done.

Hugh Jones
Power and Energy Consultant, USA
September 14, 2006

This is really an amazing tool!

Karim Moutawakkil
Conergy, Germany
August 4, 2006

I would like to congratulate NREL on the wonderful work done by offering HOMER to the international research and teaching community. The program makes easy the task of teaching and research on renewable energy subjects.

Dr. Jose R. Camacho, PhD
Professor at Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, Brazil
May 17, 2006

I found your HOMER amazing. Congratulations.

Esad Smajlovic
Bosnia and Herzegovina
May 12, 2006

The support staff is wonderful. The program is outstanding.

Christopher Simon, Ph.D.
Associate Professor at University of Nevada, Reno
May 03, 2006

HOMER is an excellent tool not only for educational purposes but for developing renewable programs as well.

Sergio Capareda, Ph.D.
Associate Professor at Texas A&M University
May 02, 2006

I love your software. It has really enhanced the way I approach design.

Manuel Cilia
Cilectric Pty Ltd
April 8, 2006

HOMER is superb.

Javier Sanz Rodriguez
April 4, 2006

I have used HOMER for a while now and I am very happy with it. Thanks a lot for a great product!

Torsten Bröer
University of Oldenburg
January 4, 2006

I like this program so much. It is very complete, useful and friendly.

Sergio Murillo
Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad
Costa Rica
September 20, 2005

Your program is amazing and I love it.

Michael Elliott
Southwest Windpower
September 16, 2005

From our first look at the HOMER software it looks superb, as if written for exactly what we are doing (design, supply and installation of small scale wind power systems for remote and rural applications such as telecoms, cell towers, irrigation water pumping and isolated communities' electrical supply). We thank you for creating this package.

Peter Heilveil
Infratex Philippines Inc.
July 14, 2005

We have been making great use of the HOMER tool. We have been designing solar only [telecom] sites for many years and recently started adding wind to help during winter storms. We didn't have a predictable way to evaluate the contribution from the wind turbine until we started using HOMER last year.

Edward Johnson
BanDao Associates, LLC
May 9, 2005

We downloaded HOMER 6 days ago, mainly for optimizing systems in a rural electrification project in Jordan. We find the program easy to use and straightforward and it has been great help in sorting out myriad possibilities. HOMER presents results in a clear and concise manner, making decisions easy.

Mehmet Hanagasioglu
Interwind AG
December 1, 2004

The capacity of your program is very impressive, and it looks like the program will be able to do most of what I will be doing for my Masters.

Gordon Dalton
University of Queensland
October 6, 2004

I have just started to use HOMER for my final year dissertation project and have found it fantastic. It is very easy to use, the getting started manual is excellent and the range of different types of outputs makes demonstrating the theoretical application of RE technology much easier.

Simon Renwick
Murdoch University
August 30, 2004

Thanks a lot for providing HOMER free of cost. It is really a very useful tool for hybrid systems.

Himanshu Maheshwari
Lynntech, Inc.
August 10, 2004

So far I am extremely impressed with the program and can certainly see its potential.

John Lepper, P.Eng
Neill & Gunter (Nova Scotia) Ltd.
April 13, 2004

I would like to commend you and your team for developing one of the most important tools in furthering the viability of renewable energy technologies. I have found that it is being accepted within certain circles of industry and could potentially become a widely adopted industry standard for presenting economic and technology evaluations.

Brook Porter
Intelligent Energy, Ltd.
March 23, 2004

I'm really happy with your software! I find it a very good tool for understanding hybrid systems and their optimisation - very user-friendly interfaces. Way to go and keep up the good work.

Jan Cloin
South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC)
Fiji / Netherlands
January 27, 2004

Congratulations for making such a user friendly software freely available.

Buerer Meinrad
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
August 13, 2003

I am very impressed with the new look HOMER website. We're currently playing with HOMER 2.0 on a small wind-hydrogen feasibility study. It looks fantastic.

David Howey
Systems Engineer
Sustainability and Renewables Team
Whitbybird Engineers
United Kingdom
July 21, 2003

I found the software easy to use and extremely useful; great work!

Tony Hastings
July 17, 2003

I just downloaded and installed HOMER 2.0 and it appears to be working well. If there is some problem I will let you know. Thanks for writing such an excellent code for hybrid energy systems.

Tariq Iqbal
Faculty of Engineering
Memorial University of Newfoundland
July 3, 2003

Up and running (with version 2.0). At first glance, she`s a beauty! Nice going. Easy to use, communicative, logical.

Nelson "Woody" Stevens
Wireless Energy
May 7, 2003

Actually I use HOMER a lot through Virtual PC. I love this program, nice work.

Scott Baron
(a Macintosh User)
University of Michigan
Feb 10, 2003

HOMER is an indispensable tool when we talk of electrification with renewables.

Cecilio U. Sumaoy
Cagayan Electric Power & Light Co.
December 1, 2002

I noticed that you have HOMER version 2.0 coming up, which has most of the features that I have been longing for. I must say that, you guys are really incredible. You have helped me solve and lighten my workload problems in a faster and more efficient way. Additionally, you have helped many RET enthusiasts, consultants and not the least, the students. More power to you all! Very sincerely and much appreciated,

Gina Saavedra Fenner
Renewable Energy Engineer
International Centre for Application of Solar Energy (CASE)
Perth, WA, Australia
November 20, 2002

I am really enjoying the new version, and it is a very welcome contribution to my PhD thesis work and to the greater industry. You folks are doing a good thing there.

Phil Murray
Centre for Energy Research
Massey University, New Zealand
October 22, 2002

Northern Power Systems has been using the results of NREL's optimization model, HOMER, for several years now. It is a unique and valuable tool for our core business of designing hybrid power systems for remote applications, such as telecomm, pipelines, village power systems and eco-tourism. HOMER represents the state-of-the-art for analysis of these applications.

Clint (Jito) Coleman
President, Northern Power Systems

I just wanted to express you my satisfaction (I should say my complete satisfaction) with HOMER. I was using it for the last year to simulate RET systems as part of a pre-feasibility investigation regarding the use of renewables as an alternate source of energy for off-grid electrification in Costa Rica. Congratulations for such a useful tool.

Ricardo Jahns
Consultant, UNDP Energy and Climate Change Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean

I recently used HOMER to assess renewables and diesel solutions for an island in Costa Rica, as my project of a renewables course. I find it is very solid and transparent, once you get the hang of it. Keep up the good work.

Jorge Mario Montero. PE, MS
Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad

Congratulations on HOMER and ViPOR. They are excellent products.

Ray Butler
Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation(SMEC)

I discovered HOMER on the net and I was very pleased to use this software. The interface is really clear and it provides many interesting results.

Franćois Schaller
Swiss Federal Institute

Hello Tom, Thank you very much, I could download HOMER now, it is a realy good program, congratulations and thank you again. Regards,

Silvia Manzanares Faúndez

I'm putting together a comparative database of PV design software in cooperation with Sharp (Japan) Corporation's Ecological Technology Development Center in Nara, Japan. I've found HOMER to be incredibly robust and the best application available for system comparison among the 15 or so programs covered.

Mick Grover
Sharp Laboratories of America, Inc.
Camas, WA