Here is what some of our global community of HOMER users have to say about HOMER:

When we talk to prospective customers about microgrids, they have always already used HOMER.

Juergen Zimmerman
ABB Australia

We recommend HOMER to everyone. There is nothing else out there that does what it does.

Anders Pedersen
World Bank

We use HOMER for all of the tender packages we distribute and require that project proposals include their HOMER model.

David Edwards
Horizon Power, Australia

We spent a lot of money developing our own model, but threw it away because everyone kept asking for our HOMER results.

Bruce Levy, CEO
TDX Power, USA

HOMER has become a staple in our program's integrated energy planning course.

Martin Obermaier
Energy Planning Program, COPPE-UFRJ, Brazil

The best hourly assessment tool for hybrid renewable electric generation systems in the world – bar none.

Dr. Jan F. Kreider
Building Systems Program
University of Colorado

I have been using HOMER, Legacy version and now Pro, for the better part of two years. Its GUI is powerful, sleek, and has a great balance between flexibility and simplicity. I’ve been trying to spread the word, as I do think it’s the best software that I know of.

Steve Jenks
NJ TransitGrid, USA

Everbody I know who is working with HOMER is amazed.

Michael Tittmann
Tittmann Solar GmbH, Germany

We are amazed at both the thoroughness of the software and the design complexity that it allows us to relatively quickly evaluate. To our knowledge, there is no other software on the market that matches HOMER for the purpose of designing renewable energy systems.

Lisa Michael
Renewable Energy Systems
Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Your program is amazing and I love it.

Michael Elliott
Southwest Windpower, USA

Before we used HOMER we created our own spreadsheets, but they became so complicated that no one trusted them and we ended up just installing diesels.

John Herrman

HOMER is superb.

Javier Sanz Rodriguez
R&T Director
CENER, Spain

I'm creating a comparative database of PV design software in cooperation with Sharp (Japan) Corporation's Ecological Technology Development Center in Nara, Japan. I've found HOMER to be incredibly robust and the best application available for system comparison among the 15 or so programs covered.

Mick Grover
Sharp Laboratories of America, Inc.
Camas, WA., USA

I love your software. It has really enhanced the way I approach design.

Manuel Cilia
Cilectric Pty Ltd., Australia

HOMER is a unique tool that provides a depth of analysis simply impossible by any other means at my disposal.

Chris Greacen
Palang Thai, Thailand

Your program rocks! HOMER has replaced about a dozen spreadsheets and countless tables. Thanks for the great program.

Josh Carrell
Dwellsol Design and Consulting, USA

You guys have created a very powerful tool - I’m new to the MicroGrid world - so HOMER is a great help. I recommend HOMER to everyone I meet!

Steve Bellamy

I would like to commend you and your team for developing one of the most important tools in furthering the viability of renewable energy technologies.

Brook Porter
Intelligent Energy, Ltd., USA

[W]e are very impressed with they way HOMER performs and the ease with which the outcomes can be interpreted and compared. The combination of flexible system building & modelling tools and the comprehensive financial engine makes HOMER an outstanding piece of software. Congratulations, you truly have made an excellent contribution to the growth of the renewable energy industry.

David Edwards
Sustainable Energy Engineer, Horizon Power
Perth, Western Australia

HOMER is fast, requires simple inputs, is easy to use, reliable (doesn't lock up), provides a wealth of data, and makes decisions by prospective RE system owners simpler with easy to understand data.

David Feider

I continue to be awed by HOMER. I find it to be a unique and extremely useful resource, often giving insight that was not otherwise available.

Jim Easton PE
Alternative Energy Technologies, USA

I just wanted to express my complete satisfaction with HOMER. Congratulations on creating such a useful tool.

Ricardo Jahns
Consultant, UNDP Energy and Climate Change Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean

I wanted to thank you for the years of effort that you've spent on building and perfecting HOMER. It has played a major part in my career from which I've gained some credibility. And I'm a firm believer of sharing from success stories so that future achievements can be shared by all... Thanks again for a job well done.

Hugh Jones
Power and Energy Consultant. USA

I find the technical support for HOMER is always speedy and helpful. It's one of the aspects of this tool that I find invaluable...

Cheryl Loone
Powercorp (now ABB), Australia

HOMER is a beautiful thing...it does most everything you could want it to, and it actually presents results in an intuitive/understandable manner.

Jonathan Murphy
Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory, Georgia Tech, USA

The support staff is wonderful. The program is outstanding.

Christopher Simon, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, University of Nevada, Reno, USA

Congratulations for HOMER. Very useful and simple to use in the context of Rural Africa.

Smail Khennas
PREDAS-CILSS, Burkina Faso

We find the program easy to use and straightforward and it has been great help in sorting out myriad possibilities. HOMER presents results in a clear and concise manner, making decisions easy.

Mehmet Hanagasioglu
Interwind AG, Switzerland

HOMER allows simple apples to apples comparisons of drastically different system designs. It convinced me of the utility of wind power in my situation. It taught me the importance of a properly sized battery bank. It has provided me with the data to convince most of the stakeholders of the importance of switching from a gasoline generator to a generator/battery/renewable system.

Erik Schoenfeld
Massachusetts, USA

Very easy to use and analytically powerful. I was able to get a simple system up and running quickly so that I could learn by doing.

Shaun Cornelius
Meridian Energy Limited, New Zealand

We make great use of the HOMER tool. We have been designing solar only [telecom] sites for many years and recently started adding wind to help during winter storms. Before using HOMER we had no predictable way to evaluate the contribution from the wind turbine.

Edward Johnson
BanDao Associates, LLC, USA

I have just started to use HOMER and have found it fantastic. It is very easy to use, the getting started manual is excellent and the range of different types of outputs makes demonstrating the theoretical application of RE technology very easy.

Simon Renwick
Murdoch University, Australia

I'm really happy with your software! I find it a very good tool for understanding hybrid systems and their optimization - very user-friendly interfaces.

Jan Cloin
South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC), Fiji / Netherlands

HOMER has become a staple in our program's integrated energy planning course.

Martin Obermaier
Energy Planning Program - COPPE/UFRJ, Brazil

I must say that, you guys are really incredible. You have helped me solve and lighten my workload problems in a faster and more efficient way.

Gina Saavedra Fenner

Renewable Energy Engineer
International Centre for Application of Solar Energy (CASE), Australia

HOMER is an indispensable tool when we talk of electrification with renewables.

Cecilio U. Sumaoy
Cagayan Electric Power & Light Co., Philippines

Northern Power Systems has been using the results of HOMER, for several years now. It is a unique and valuable tool for our core business. HOMER represents the state-of-the-art for analysis of these applications.

Clint (Jito) Coleman
Former President, Northern Power Systems, USA

I recently downloaded HOMER for review purposes and have found if to be an excellent program. Now I'm using it for a real project, designing small energy systems for remote homes in Sweden.

Sven Ruin
ÅF-Industriteknik AB, Sweden

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