Intelligently design and optimize behind-the-meter systems and EV charging stations

Speed and simplify DER optimization with industry-leading modeling software

Rapidly optimize ROI, charge electric vehicles, cut carbon and make smarter development decisions.
Robust and easy-to-use, HOMER® Grid combines economics, engineering and multiple value streams in one model, then rapidly performs complex calculations to find the least-cost solution. You can save time and improve accuracy in early-stage feasibility analysis, compare design outcomes and demonstrate the value of on-site generation and storage to support electric vehicle (EV) charging, carbon reduction and resilience.

With one powerful model you can:

  • Forecast and optimize return on investment (ROI).
  • Maximize EV charging revenue and energy savings.
  • Minimize cost.
  • Increase resilience.
  • Reduce carbon emissions.
  • Explore combined heat and power.
  • Reduce uncertainty, speed decision-making and win sales.

Originally developed at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), HOMER Grid is built on the benchmark-setting HOMER platform.

HOMER software is trusted for robust feasibility analysis by over 250,000 users in 190+ countries.

Maximize EV charging station revenue and return on investment with confidence

HOMER Grid’s robust EV charging analytics and revenue calculator enables you to reduce the time and uncertainty of evaluating the ROI of a proposed charging station, forecast revenue, maximize project value and demonstrate that value to your customer in minutes. You can quickly and confidently:

  • Size and optimize charging stations, whether grid-connected or powered by a microgrid or distributed energy.
  • Optimize on-demand and deferrable EV charging strategies.
  • Compare multiple locations and system configurations to find the most profitable solution and site.
  • Gain control over demand charges and time of use rates
  • Determine, maximize and demonstrate the value of on-site generation and storage.
  • Use modeling results to speed the permitting process, reduce the time from quote to construction and mitigate project risk.

Watch a short demonstration of HOMER Grid’s EV charging modeling.

Take the guesswork out of feasibility analysis with extensive databases​

Perform feasibility analysis efficiently and demonstrate system value quickly with automated and built-in access to extensive databases, including:

  • Utility tariff structures for more than 90% of the zip codes in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
  • Incentive and demand-response programs.
  • Building load profiles.
  • Weather resource data.
  • Component libraries for solar photovoltaic (PV), wind turbine and battery models.

Save time with robust accuracy you can trust

Only HOMER Grid allows you to include any combination of components and gives you the total energy cost for each possible system.

You have the information you need to choose the best and least-cost system.

Win sales and earn confidence with insightful proposals

Instantly produce customized, client-facing reports that present key aspects of your analysis, including cost comparisons and economic value streams. You, your customer and your stakeholders can move forward with confidence.

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Robust Features

Intelligently reduce the peak power you buy from the utility each month. Determine the best mix of resources for the least-cost solution, and design a system with the highest possible rate of return.

HOMER Grid’s extensive tariff database and advanced tariff builder makes it easy to confidently select or build the right tariff for your specific location. You can accurately create and model utility tariffs worldwide, including those with time-of-use and seasonal rates, contracted demand and tiered rates. Users in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico can draw from Genability’s over 35,000 commercial and industrial utility tariffs database. Or we can help you create almost any tariff you need.

Instantly produce customized, client-facing reports that present key aspects of a proposed system, offer clear cost comparisons, and outline economic value streams. Save time and earn customer trust with insightful system overviews.

The HOMER storage model is the most accurate and sophisticated model on the market, based on the input of thousands of users. HOMER Grid accurately models battery life and performance for the duration of your project, so you know exactly what to expect.

Maximize EV charging revenue, forecast ROI and demonstrate the value of charging stations powered by renewable energy-plus-storage. Optimize your hybrid power system to reduce utility costs and demand charges from on-demand or fleet EV charging.

One plus one plus one can equal more than three if you optimize to stack value. Understand your ROI from combining value from demand charge reduction, energy arbitrage, incentive programs and self-consumption.

Combine the power of your favorite solar modeling tool, HelioScope or PVSyst, with HOMER Grid for more accurate modeling and more bankable results. Import production data and multiple data files and combine them into a single energy modeling project in HOMER Grid. ​

Learn more about HOMER Grid:

“We use HOMER for all of the tender packages we distribute and require that project proposals include their HOMER model.”

--David Edwards, Horizon Power, Australia

Put the power of UL Solutions HOMER software and advisory services to work for you.

Map shows locations of the more than 250,000 users enabled by HOMER software in over 190 countries around the globe

UL Solutions HOMER Grid is built-on the trusted HOMER software engine used by more than 250,000 energy professionals in over 190 countries, plus the independent engineering expertise of our large advisory team. HOMER software optimizes the value of your hybrid power systems and energy storage whether the system is standalone, grid-connected, behind- or in front-of-the-meter.

Products include HOMER Pro for determining the best, least-cost solution for microgrids; HOMER Grid for designing behind-the-meter, grid-connected systems that save on electricity bills, reduce peak loads, and lower carbon footprints; and HOMER Front to maximize project IRR in utility-scale energy storage whether standalone or combined with other energy resources such as solar or wind.